Task management in Sublime Text 2 with PlainTasks

I use Sublime daily and I love it for its flexibility. Adding a new plugin can turn it into something totally new. A free PlainTasks plugin (you can download it from Github) turns your favorite text editor into a fully functional minimalistic task management software:

How can I install PlainTasks?

Press Cmd-Shift-P to open the command palette. Type install to start the Sublime Package manager. Select PlainTasks from the list of available packages and press Enter. Sublime will install the plugin automatically. You do not need to quit Sublime.

How does it work?

Press Cmd-Shift-P again to open the command palette, start typing Tasks and select Tasks-New document.
I prefer to save a list of task with the codebase and commit it into the code repository.

  • Anything with a colon (:) at the end of the sting will be considered a project. You can nest projects
  • Press Cmd-Enter to create a new task. You can nest tasks
  • Press Cmd-D to mark a task done. Sublime will automatically insert the timestamp at the end of the line
  • Press Cmd-Shift-A will archive all tasks marked as done
  • You can tag any task or project using @tagname

Don’t forget to save your todo list. Enjoy!